Emily Greta Gasster

Born: March 11, 1997

Santa Monica, CA


emily in BW

Emily and Paco
Emily and Paco

Emily and Paco with 1st Place ribbon Emily (and Paco) won 1st Place at Rainbow Canyon Show August 2011

Emily won 1st Place in 1st Level Equitation (flat) at the Fall 2007 Mill Creek Show
Emily First Place Level 1 Equitation

Emily's School Picture
emily school photo 2006

Emily Makes A Fashion Statement!
emily with boa

Emily Caught a Fish!
[May 1999]
emily with fish

Emily's 2nd Birthday Party
[March 1999]
Emily's Birthday

Emily's Art Emily's Art Work
[March 1999]

Emily at Play Emily at Play

Emily Standing I'm a big girl now!
[July 1998]

Emily on blanket Emily!

It's not easy being a baby, but hey somebody's got to do it!

Emily reclining

I'm ready for my closeup Mr. DeMille!

Emily sitting

Bring me my dinner!

  • Sometimes I get the hicups. It's pretty wild, you should hear it.

  • And like any good baby, I like to CRY!!!!

  • I love you mommy!

  • Bah Bah Black Sheep

  • Doe-Ray-Mi

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